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Samsung K-12 ROI Gift Programs

"Return On Intelligence"

Welcome to our 2013 Samsung “K-12 ROI” Gift Programs website! We offer three gift programs that will help boost the skills and intelligence of K-12 students across the country. It is our way of investing in young minds to help them grow and learn using today’s digital technology. Learn more about our Grant, Scholarship and Superhero programs that offer a SAMCAM 760 for your school and/or scholarship money for your students. Good luck!

Teachers enter to win one of ten (10) SAMCAM 760 document cameras for their school.

Program has ended

High school students enter this essay competition to win one of five (5) $1000 scholarship awards.

Program has ended

A fun K-12 video competition where students can win $500 and a SAMCAM 760 for their school.

Winter/Spring program has ended.
Summer/Fall starts August 1, 2013

Capture more pupils with the new Samsung SAMCAM 760 document camera. Watch “Let the Students Decide,” a series of live demonstrations showing Samsung's superior image quality when compared to its competitors in a head-to-head challenge.